**DISCONTINUED** Carb Kit - Keihin 26mm / KLX140, 08-Present - 420-KLX-1401

**DISCONTINUED** Carb Kit - Keihin 26mm / KLX140, 08-Present



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**DISCONTINUED** Carb Kit - Keihin 26mm / KLX140, 08-Present

Note: These carburetors are no longer available - so we cannot build these carb kits. We'll leave the info here for customers that want to build up their own "kits". The carbs are simply the OEM Honda XR200 carb (we typically used the 2001 model year XR200 - but all the single carb XR200 carbs were similar). Honda and Keihin have discontinued them. You can source your own carb and then use our carb adapter (sold below in the replacement parts section) to fit it up to the OEM manifold. You can either use the OEM Honda XR200 throttle and cable or source these on the aftermarket (Motion Pro should be able help). We're not going to sell the throttle cable and carb top anymore, so you're on your own there. Feel free to use our jetting specs to get you started on jetting. Avoid the eBay generic replacement XR200 carb. You only want the OEM Keihin Honda XR200 carb. We hope to do completely new carb kits in the future - but they won't be available for many months. These carb kits work really well if you're willing to do the work on your own.

26mm Keihin carb kit. Includes custom BBR manifold adapter, Keihin 26mm carb, throttle and cable. This carb is not intended for use with the stock bore size. It is for big bored KLX140's. It will be too big when used with the stock motor and result in a "off-idle" hesitation that you cannot jet out.

  • 26mm round-slide Keihin carb
  • Pre-jetted for most big-bore applications
  • CNC machined manifold adapter
  • Includes throttle and cable

Item Fitment - Please note this item fits the following bikes
Kawasaki KLX140 (2008-2020)
Kawasaki KLX140G (2017-2020)
Kawasaki KLX140L (2008-2020)
Kawasaki KLX140R (2021-Present)
Kawasaki KLX140RF (2021-Present)
Kawasaki KLX140RL (2021-Present)