Shift Shaft Support & Sprocket Guard - CRF110F - 405-HCF-1110

Shift Shaft Support; Sprocket Guard - CRF110F



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Shift Shaft Support; Sprocket Guard - CRF110F

New! Solve your CRF110 shift shaft woes for good. The new BBR Shift Shaft Support & Sprocket guard bolts through 5 flywheel cover and case bolts to give maximum support to your shift shaft. We had a custom needle roller bearing made for the odd 11.6mm shift shaft. It's sealed on both sides to keep the dirt out and keep it moving freely. The integrated sprocket cover can be removed without pulling the whole shift shaft support. Plus, the sprocket cover makes it much easier to clean out mud from the counter shaft sprocket area. The main shift shaft support is anodized silver and the sprocket cover is black. The pocket edges and the BBR logo were machined after anodizing to add contrast and look great. Finally, you get trick new longer titanium bolts to install it.

  • Machined from 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum
  • Custom sealed needle bearing supports the shift shaft to prevent bending
  • Silver Anodized shaft support
  • Black anodized sprocket cover with BBR logo
  • Includes Titanium bolts

Note 1: The OEM CRF110F shift shaft bends really easily. We've bought new bikes (that had never been ridden) with tweaked shafts. They can be straightened but you may want to put a new shaft in when you add our shift shaft support. We try to stock the OEM Honda CRF110 shift shaft or you can get one from your favorite Honda dealer.
Note 2: You must use the OEM Honda Drive Chain Guide/Case Protector from your CRF110F! It is absolutely required or you will bend your shift shaft and mess up your new BBR shift shaft support. If you've lost yours, we have them available here: OEM Drive Chain Guide/Case Protector for the CRF110F or you can get one from your favorite Honda dealer.

Item Fitment - Please note this item fits the following bikes
Honda CRF110F (2013-Present)