Exhaust Header Only - DIY Perimeter V2/V3/MM12P - 212-MMP-1501

Exhaust Header Only - DIY Perimeter V2/V3/MM12P



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Exhaust Header Only - DIY Perimeter V2/V3/MM12P

We found a number of these headers, recently, when expanding our shop. We thought we'd offer them to our customers that needed something to start with. They are similar to the D2 Header as used on the final production of the MM12P. No other exhaust components are available and you should consider this a complete DIY project. You will have to cut and weld it for your application. You should not expect it to "bolt up" and be used, without modification, in any application. We can't help with welding or further fabrication. All that said, you may find these useful for your own fabrication or engine swaps.

These headers are stainless steel in "as welded" condition. They may have some imperfections that you will want to polish out. The header flange measures 1 1/8". The front of the header pipe is 1 1/16" and is about 7" long. It steps to 1 1/4" for the rest of its length. The rear flange has an OD of 1 1/2". Overall length is around 32". The header flange plate has holes (center-to-center) of around 45mm. The holes, themselves, are around 9mm and would accommodate many of the typical playbike/pitbike cylinder heads.

  • Stainless steel welded construction
  • Will require cutting and welding for most applications
  • 1 1/8" header flange
  • 1 1/16" headpipe to 1 1/4" for the remaining length
  • Overall length around 32mm
  • 45mm flange bolt distance (center-to-center) to accomidate several bolt offsets

Item Fitment - Please note this item fits the following bikes
BBR Production Bikes MM12P (2010-2011)