The Honda CRF125F was introduced for the model year 2014. It replaced the long running CRF/XR80 (similar 17"/14" wheel size) and CRF/XR100 (big wheel, similar 19"/16" wheel size). It received a completely new motor and body work similar to the full race CRF big bikes. Some of the part look similar to the older CRF/XR80/100, but for the most part it is an entirely new bike. While it is manufactured in China, quality is worlds better than any other Chinese bike and the equal of any Japanese manufactured playbike.

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OEM Honda CRF125F Specs

Displacement 124.9cc
Bore and Stroke 52.4mm x 57.9mm
Compression Ratio 9.0:1
Spark Plug NGK CPR6EA-9
Valve Clearance IN: 0.004" / EX: 0.006"
Carb/main jet/pilot jet Keihin PD20 (PDB4BA) / 112 main / 38 pilot
Transmission ratios 3.181 / 1.705 / 1.238 / 0.916
Oil Capacity/Type 1.0 US quart (refill)/ 1.1 quart (rebuild) / SAE 10W-40
Chain size/front sprocket/rear sprocket 428 / 13T/46T / 13T/49T (FB-Model)
Front tire size 70/100-17 / 70/100-19 (FB model)
Rear tire size 90/100-14 / 90/100-16 (FB model)
Seat height 28.9 inches / 30.9 inches (FB model)
Wheel Base 48.0 inches / 49.4 inches (FB model)
Weight 192 lbs. / 194 lbs. (FB model)

CRF125 Frequently Asked Questions